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Convert Your Documents into Any Digital FormatAlternative Micrographics Scanning

With more and more technological advances in scanning methods in the computer industry now is the best time to start converting your business document to digital formats. Alternative Micrographics, Inc. can deliver digital records in all types of formats from unique software formats to more generic formats such as tiff’s™, jpeg’s™, and pdf’s™.

Scanners work by converting the image on the document into digital information that can be stored on a computer through optical character recognition or OCR.

Alternative Micrographics, Inc can also provide your company with a complete digital records management system from software, and images, to a complete operating system. Even if your company would rather complete scanning tasks in-house, Alternative Micrographics, Inc. can design a document scanning system that fits your needs. While in process of designing your system, Alternative Micrographics, Inc. can perform a backfile conversion to eliminate downtime upon system integration.

Aside from paper to digital Alternative Micrographics, Inc can perform microfilm to digital format or from digital format to microfilm. In certain circumstances Alternative Micrographics, Inc can provide your company with resident software on your delivered CD-ROM, therefore, eliminating the need to purchase the software. Make document scanning simple for your business by utilizing Alternative Micrographics, Inc!




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